Tuesday, 7 January 2014

What To Expect in your 5 Minutes...

It occurs to me it might be a bit of an idea to let everyone into what they're letting themselves in for when they pick up Azeroth in 5, especially if people have heard my 'normal' Podcast, Alternative Chat. This will be the news, pure and simple, and I'll be trying to achieve a number of things with each weekly podcast:

  • Accuracy of news stories.
  • Clarity of information.
  • Relevance simply to Warcraft, and not related to any of the other various Blizzard releases.

As a result, I will in the main be looking at Blizzard Blue Posts of note, and reporting of said posts from various sources. This isn't an opportunity to score exclusives or be first with the news, this is a means by which people can catch up with items they may have missed in the last seven days, and allows them to plan ahead for future developments. If an in-game event is running on a Wednesday when I record, you'll be sure to find a reference to that inside the Podcast. I'll also remind you of Call to Arms events and any special changes you can expect, including patches, hotfixes and other significant in-game changes.

Oh, and when there's an Expansion coming, you'll know about that too.

We will also provide a transcript of every episode to accompany the podcast, and will do our best to provide links to the original stories where relevant to allow you to further investigate the news at your leisure.

If you think I've missed something relevant in a broadcast, bear in mind I have a five minute window in which to report and I will do my utmost to provide everything I consider will have relevance to the widest possible player base. What I'm looking for, more than anything in these opening weeks, is feedback on the style of the broadcast and what you think I can improve/change, or indeed what you like in what you hear. For all of this, please use the following e-mail address:

azerothin5 at gmail dot com
(substitute correct punctuation here)

We look forward to reporting the news for you every week.

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