Saturday, 4 January 2014

Introducing Azeroth in 5

Some days, there's just never enough time.

As a Warcraft GM for nearly a decade, I've found myself being the bearer of many forms of news, good and bad, to my Guild over the years. It's occurred to me that for some time there's not been one place where you can pick up what's going on without having to wade through countless webpages or take time to watch videos when you'd far rather be playing the game. Therefore the idea of 'Azeroth in 5' was born: a five minute weekly podcast that presents the previous seven day's news in five minutes, all ready to stick in your ears and take wherever you might be going.

With Azeroth in 5 you'll know about hotfixes and game changes while you drive to work, that a patch is coming and it's time to update your addons as you walk to get your lunch. Because we're only five minutes long you'll get all the news you need quickly, efficiently and without the need to wade through tons of unnecessary gubbins. We'll be launching our first episode on Wednesday January 7th, and after that we'll be available every Wednesday at 12 midday GMT (or thereabouts) to include details of Server Resets across the United States and Continental Europe. When a scheduled patch is due we'll also offer a subsidiary Podcast which will detail all the important changes you can expect to see when the game goes live in your area, allowing you to plan your playtime accordingly!

It's only five minutes of your time, through your ears and directly into your brain. Azeroth in 5 brings the news you need to know, in an easily-digestible format. We look forward to helping you keep up with the times, and ahead of the curve!

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