Monday, 14 July 2014

Azeroth in 5 and Alternative Chat Summer Podcast Schedule

As the Summer Holidays are almost upon me for the Kids, there's going to be some quite serious bouts of RL in progress as a result. It seems only fair therefore to give people plenty of advanced warning that my Podcast schedule IS going to get interrupted, and to inform you in plenty of time as to when.

As a result, here's the NEXT 8 weeks worth of details for both Azeroth in Five AND Alternative Chat, so you can plan your time accordingly.


July 16th :: NO Azeroth in 5, Alternative Chat as normal.
July 23rd :: NO PODCASTS


August 6th :: Azeroth in 5 cancelled, Alternative Chat as normal.
August 13th-27th :: NO PODCASTS

Both Azeroth in 5 and Alternative Chat will then return as normal on September 3rd.

I'm sorry for the interruptions, but because its just me and I'm very much at first call for the Family for my time, I'm pretty much booked for most of August (with at least two Wednesdays involving me not being in the UK at all.)

Hopefully this gives people plenty of advanced warning. Needless to say, we'll all be back to normal after the Summer Break!

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